Safety when visiting our spa

Clean & Sanitized Environment

We are following CDC guidelines for sanitizing protocols. We invested in EPA compliant UVC lights and medical grade air purifiers with H13 HEPA filter in each room to disinfect the air (circulated every 30 minutes or less). H13 HEPA filters capture 0.1 micron particles (COVID 19 virus is 0.125 micron).

Hand Sanitizer and Disinfection wipes are provided in all rooms. Extra time will be reserved between each client to allow a thorough cleaning of all commonly touched surfaces. Restrooms are sanitized multiple times throughout the day.

Healthy Staff

Any staff exhibiting sick symptoms of any kind are required to take a COVID test. Staff who test positive for COVID are required to self-quarantine for a minimum of one week (current CDC recommendation is 5 days) and may only return after testing negative.

Wearing Masks & Gloves

To protect our staff and you, therapists may wear mask and gloves as they deem necessary. Gloves will be replaced after each client and your therapist will wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds.


Safety when visiting our spa

Social Distancing

We ask that you maintain at leasta 6 feet distance from other guests and staff.

Guests must wear a mask if have symptoms of coughing due to allergy

Sanitize Your Hands

Hand sanitizer is provided at the front desk for you to use when you arrive.

Book In Advance

We ask that you book online or call in advance to ensure that we are prepared for your arrival.We ask that you book online or call in advance to ensure that we are prepared for your arrival.


Safety when visiting our spa

We thank you for adhering to our safety protocols.
Together we can keep each other safe.